How did our online course “Nature in the city” go?

online course urban forestry
Photo: Artem Beliaikin (Unsplash)

Feedback from the participants of the first edition

The first edition of our online courseNature in the city: turning knowledge into urban forestry practice” took place from the 21st of November 2022 until the 21st of May 2023. In these 6 months, more than 1,000 learners from all over the world had the opportunity to gain knowledge on the fundamentals of urban forestry. While most of the participants were students (45%), there was also a good percentage of professionals who wanted to gain new skills and deepen their knowledge of urban forestry. In addition, participants came from different backgrounds, such as architecture, biological sciences, environmental sciences and much more, which allowed us to have different points of view. 

If you have missed this edition, you can now enroll in the second one here.

Today, we look at the feedback we received through our final survey to better understand if the course was appreciated and how to improve the next editions. 

In general, we can say that this online course was a success: 99% of participants rated their experience as positive (50% as positive and 49% as completely positive). Indeed, most of the learners reported that the course was very effective in enhancing the context where they work. 

The modules, covering different topics from urban history to forest ecology, were all very appreciated. However, learners showed a slight preference for those focusing on Ecosystem Services and forest management. In each module, participants appreciated both the theoretical aspects and the practical examples. 

Finally, here are some feedback we received from participants:

“No suggestions. This was a really well-built course. Full credit to the entire team for making this a rewarding experience.”

“Really liked the course, it was very interesting and I got to know and explore new topics and people!”

“Thank you very much for this great course. It has increased my knowledge and understanding of the topic of urban forestry from various points of view (environmental, economic, and social)”

“It was a great course which helped in gaining knowledge and building professional skills about urban forestry”

Have you missed the first edition? Do not worry, the second one is already running! Learn more and register here.