Uforest Training Needs’ Assessment and Stakeholder Analysis 

This report provides an overview of the existing demand on training needs to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in urban forestry and Nature Based Solutions (NBS). The information collected through this study will be the basis for the design of the Uforest learning opportunities. 

The survey targeted university students, professional and citizens from different countries. It was translated in 8 languages, corresponding to the native languages of Uforest partners. In the end, about 246 valid questionnaires were filled out by respondents from 27 different nationalities.

Blueprint for Innovation in Urban Forestry

The main objective of this report is to provide a first framework for assessing innovation factors influencing Urban Forestry. Through the analysis of 20 case studies on Urban Forestry best practices in the EU, this report offers an overview of Urban Forestry innovation in the European continent.

This document will be used as part of Urban forestry lobby and dissemination activities within the Uforest project, with the intention to spread the knowledge about the potential of urban forest as NBS for cities.

This report provides background and guidelines for developing a local Urban Forestry Action Plan based on an overview of the status, benefits and potential opportunities for developing urban forestry at a European scale.

These guidelines are aimed principally at non-specialist audiences who wish to gain a quick overview of the enormous potential offered by urban forestry to solve social, economic and environmental challenges in cities in alignment with global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).