Case studies

One of the activities foreseen by the Uforest project is researching innovative Urban Forestry initiatives across Europe. In the last few months, our team has selected and analysed some of the most interesting Urban Forestry projects in the continent, with the aim to illustrate real practices and eventually inspire others to start greening their cities.

The case studies will be published over the next few months, stay tuned!


WOWnature is an initiative powered by Etifor that gives the possibility to adopt and plant trees, with the dual objective of creating new forests and protect existing ones. It gives anyone (citizens, companies, organisations) the possibility to do their part in taking care of nature around us. Indeed, WOWnature’s claim is “Nature is good for you. Take care of it”.

Pla Natura Barcelona

The Pla Natura Barcelona (Barcelona Nature Plan) is a public initiative led by the Barcelona City Council with the aim to improve and increase green spaces and biodiversity in the city. Specifically, this strategic plan contains the vison of the city of the future, a city with functional, environmentally friendly infrastructures, well-distributed and accessible green spaces.