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Privacy and Cookie policy


Your privacy is important, that is why we have made this statement regarding the figures involved, the purposes and methods of processing personal data in accordance with Article 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter, the “Regulation“). 

We encourage you to read this page carefully to learn about our privacy and cookie use policies and to contact us, by writing to, to report any problems or ask for information.


Data Controller

Etifor S.r.l. Benefit Company, with registered office at Piazza Alcide De Gasperi 41, 35131 Padua, Italy (hereinafter, the “Company” or the “Data Controller“), as associated beneficiary and in charge of the communication with reference to the project “UFOREST – “COOPERATION FOR INNOVATION AND THE EXCHANGE OF GOOD PRACTICES” (the “Project”) as described within the Grant Agreement number 621666-EPP-1-2020-1-IT-EPKKA2-KA, entered into with the funding authority Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (acting under powers delegated by the European Commission).

Type of Data Processed 

The user’s personal data acquired by the Data Controller during the use of this web site are as follows:

  • browsing data (the transmission of which is implicit in the use of internet communication protocols, about which more information is available in the special section on Cookies);
  • personal and contact data, as well as any additional personal data included in the communication, in the event that the user voluntarily decides to send messages to the Data Controller through the contact forms present in various sections of the web site and/or via e-mail or in the event that the user decides to subscribe to the newsletter.

It should be noted that the Data Controller is not responsible for the processing of any personal data that may be and voluntarily sent by the user to e-mail addresses, although present on the website, but pertaining to organizations and/or third parties.


Purpose of processing, legal basis and data retention period

We will process browsing data:

  • To enable the user to use web services. Processing for the aforementioned purpose does not require the user’s consent. These data are kept for the time strictly necessary to achieve this purpose. More information is available in the Cookie policy section below;
  • To obtain statistical information on the use of the website;
  • to create profiles on users and send advertising messages in line with the preferences revealed by users while browsing the website.

Processing for the aforementioned purposes requires the user’s consent. These data are kept for the time strictly necessary to achieve those same purposes. More information is available in the Cookie policy section. 

We will process any personal data of users, spontaneously sent by them to the Data Controller to acknowledge any requests. This type of processing does not require prior consent in accordance with Article 6 sub. 1 lett. a) of the Regulation. These data are kept for the time strictly necessary to respond to the user’s request.

It should be noted that in the event that any spontaneous request from the user is aimed at registering for an event organized by the Data Controller, the user-applicant is hereby made aware of the fact that as part of such events, photos and/or videos may be taken and/or made by the Data Controller and/or parties appointed by the Data Controller and/or partners involved in the organization of the event, having as their object the event and for purposes of promoting it and the activities of the Data Controller and/or partner, mainly within the social channels and websites of the latter. Such photos and/or videos will not have as their object the publication of images of people in the foreground. 

The legal basis for such processing is the legitimate interest of the Owner and/or third parties (the partners involved in the organization of the event and/or to whom the Company has a contractual obligation having to do with the event).

Since these will be group images from which it will not be possible to extrapolate and/or delete the image of the individual, the user is invited, as of now, not to register for the event where he/she does not wish to be portrayed, albeit within the scope of images and/or videos, precisely, of the group and which do not depict him/her in the foreground.

The aforementioned data will be kept for the period deemed strictly necessary for the above purpose.

Only with the user’s consent, we will also process his/her data for marketing purposes, i.e., for our Company to send newsletters, information and promotional communications by e-mail, concerning the Project and services, offers, as well as notification of events, including networking events, organized by the Company. The data will be kept for 36 (thirty-six) months, without prejudice to the possibility of revoking previously given consent at any time.


Provision of data and consequences in case of failure to provide data

With the exception of what has been specified with reference to browsing data and/or data in case of user participation in events organized by the Data Controller  and/or its partners, the user is free to provide his or her data for the purposes mentioned in the previous paragraph. However, in case of failure to provide it, it will not be possible to follow up on his/her requests.

The provision of data for marketing purposes is always optional. Failing this, the user will not receive promotional communications and will not be informed of new events or initiatives promoted by the Data Controller.


Recipients of the data

  • employees and/or collaborators in any capacity whatsoever of the Data Controller, adequately trained and authorized for processing;
  • subjects the Data Controller uses to carry out activities instrumental to the achievement of the above-mentioned purposes (by way of example only: suppliers of IT and application services, consultants, etc.) or to whom the Data Controller is required to communicate the data under legal obligations. These subjects will process the data as autonomous data controllers or as data processors, duly appointed by the Company.

In addition, data may be disclosed to Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency as well as to Etifor’s partners in the Project, in their capacity as coordinating and/or further associated beneficiaries.


Transfer of data outside the European Union

In carrying out its ordinary activities, the Data Controller may make use of some providers (mostly IT services, e.g. e-mail provider mail server) operating outside the European Union.

We specify that, in any hypothesis of transfer outside the European Union, the guarantees provided by the Regulation in Articles 44 et seq. of the Regulation will be adopted.


Users’ Rights

The user will be able to access, correct, remove or export his/her personal data. The user will also have the right to restrict the processing of his/her own personal data. Where collection or processing is based on consent, he/she may withdraw his/her consent at any time. In addition, he/she will be able to receive his/her personal data in a commonly used, machine-readable structured format and ask us to transmit such data to another data controller where technically feasible. He/She may object to the processing of his/her personal data when the processing is based on the legitimate interest of the Data Controller (or third parties) and if his/her personal informations are used for direct marketing purposes. Finally, the user may lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority ( if he/she believes that his/her rights have been violated.

If the user wishes to exercise any of these rights, he/she may send an e-mail to


Changes to this policy

The Data Controller   reserves the right to make changes to this policy and any changes will be made available through this website.


 Cookie Policy


Changes to the Privacy, Data Treatment and Protection Policies

The Data Controller reserves the right to make changes to this statement, giving notice to users which, therefore, are invited to consult this page periodically, using as a reference the date of last modification indicated at the end of the text.

In case of non-acceptance of the changes made to this statement, the user can request the Responsible or the Controller to cancel his or her personal data. Unless otherwise specified, the privacy policy published on this site continues to apply to the processing of personal data collected until the time of its replacement.

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Social Media

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Last update: August 2023