To develop high-quality urban forestry “next practice” solutions, we need to learn from current good practices, combining the expertise and knowledge of urban foresters, urban landscape planners, economists and businesses, communication and ICT specialists.

Through research and training needs assessments and stakeholder analysis, our team will develop high quality professional learning materials such as factsheets and blueprints, and help define online courses, workshops and practical training activities.

The following section, which is continuously updated, provides access to our resources (reports, case study factsheets and the EU Strategy and lobby document on Urban Forestry) and our online training course. Uforest is just taking off, so for now, you can have a look at our materials list and discover what we are, and will be, working on.

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  • Detailed stakeholders’ analysis and beneficiaries training needs’ assessment (TNA) . Download the report here.
    Activity Working Package (WP): WP3 – 3.1
    Deadline: Sept. 2021
  • EU Urban Forestry Blueprint: Analyzing innovative trends and challenges within Urban Forestry.
    Activity Working Package (WP): WP3 -3.3
    Deadline: Dec. 2021
  • EU Strategy and lobby document on Urban Forestry.
    Activity Working Package (WP): WP3 – 3.4
    Deadline: June 2022

One of the activities foreseen by our project is researching innovative Urban Forestry initiatives across Europe. In the last few months, our team has selected and analysed some of the most interesting Urban Forestry projects in the continent, with the aim to illustrate real practices and eventually inspire others to start greening their cities.

The case studies will be published over the next few months, find out more here.


Activity Working Package (WP): WP3 – 3.2
Deadline: Jan. 2022


Want to learn how to ideate and grow your urban forestry solution into a reality?

The Uforest team guided by POLIMI will design a high-level online course open at the EU-global level. The course will provide preparation on ideation, innovation, project development and implementation of urban forestry solutions as specialised sector-specific modules. Afterwards, there is the possibility for learners to attend the world’s first face-to-face innovation programme and workshops on urban forestry.

The project will create training, using multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning, contributing to improving the quality and relevance of targeted urban forestry MSc and PhD training courses. The open source and e-learning technology together with staff and learner mobility exchange will extend the potential benefits to young researchers and professors all over Europe. Stay tuned to find out more on our e-learning course! 


Activity Working Package (WP): WP4 + WP5
Deadline: Dec.2022 – June 2023