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Nature in the city: turning knowledge into urban forestry practice

Learn how to promote the green transition of cities!

Uforest supports innovation and training in urban forestry, with the aim to enhance nature-based solutions for cities. In collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano, Uforest has designed a high-quality training opportunity for anyone interested in gaining skills and knowledge in urban forestry.

Urban forestry is a transdisciplinary sector, spanning from urban design to forest ecology, from socioeconomics to information and communication technologies. The online course “Nature in the city: turning knowledge into urban forestry practice” takes all these aspects into consideration, in order to provide you with a well-rounded knowledge on urban forestry. Participants will learn how to apply the principles of urban forestry and design effective solutions for greener and more sustainable cities. 


  • This online course is free and accessible to anyone.

  • The course will be delivered through video lessons, allowing participants to complete the course at their own pace. Total workload is 50 hours.

This online course is structured in 6 modules: 

MODULE 1: History and main background on urban forestry

  • The history and development of urban forestry across the world
  • The concept and interdisciplinary character of urban forestry
  • Green and resilient cities

MODULE 2: Urban forestry planning and design

  • Urban design principles
  • Ecosystem services provided by Urban Forests
  • Urban Forest inventory/mapping-tools

MODULE 3: Urban Forest ecology

  • Forest ecology
  • Forest management

MODULE 4: Socioeconomics – Governance and community engagement

  • Socioeconomics
  • Governance and policy

MODULE 5: Entrepreneurship and innovation

  • Building and growing entrepreneurial ventures
  • Discovering technologies for urban forestry
  • Funding a forest project

MODULE 6 – Final assessment

Do you want to become an urban forestry professional?

For more information, please write to info@uforest.eu