Forests and trees for better and healthier cities

Uforest at the European Week of Regions and Cities 2023

With 84% of the European population expected to live in urban areas by 2050, planning more sustainable and liveable cities is crucial. In this regard, urban forests represent an effective solution to many of the challenges brought by urbanization and climate change. 

In the framework of the European Week of Regions and Cities, our in-presence workshopForests and trees for better and healthier cities will discuss recent developments in urban forestry at EU level, the challenges they face and the opportunities they can provide. Through presentations and a panel discussion, the aim of this event is to showcase how cities can implement effective urban forestry action plans as part of wider sustainability and greening initiatives. At the same time, the workshop will present our reports “Unlocking the Potential of Urban Forests” and “Blueprint for Innovation in Urban Forestry“. These resources provide background and guidelines for developing local urban forestry action plans and innovative approaches at city level. 

The European Week of Regions and Cities is an annual four-day event dedicated to the cities’ and regions’ capacity to create growth, implement European Union cohesion policy, and prove the importance of the local and regional level for good European governance.


On the 11th of October 2023, from 09:30 to 10:30 CET


SQUARE Brussels Meeting Centre, Room 313-315

Download the flyer here.