New opportunity: the Green4C Business Innovation Challenge

Are you interested in the ways nature can promote health, wellbeing, and social inclusion? Would you like to start something of your own?

Green4C is a three-years Knowledge Alliance project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, which aims at promoting nature-based solutions for health, wellbeing, and social inclusion. The Alliance brings together universities, businesses, and organisations working in different fields, from forestry to healthcare. Thanks to the different backgrounds and expertise, the project delivers interdisciplinary learning opportunities and material in Green Care, such as reports, case studies, an e-learning course and more.

The term Green Care refers to all those activities that promote health and wellbeing through the contact with nature and its elements. There are many different Green Care activities and they can address a wide variety of issues, from mental health disorders to obesity and social isolation. These activities are usually supervised or delivered by trained and qualified practitioners.
While generally Green Care practices take place in rural settings, such as woodlands and forests, they can be conducted in cities too. Urban parks, gardens, and other types of green infrastructures can provide a good site for Green Care initiatives.

Recognising the central role of nature in the development of a greener and healthier future, Green4C seeks to promote Green Care as an efficient tool to address environmental, health, and social concerns.
Therefore, to stimulate the creation of innovative Green Care initiatives, the project has launched an exciting new opportunity: the Green4C Business Innovation Challenge (BIC). The BIC is a competition open to anyone with innovative business or project ideas in Green Care. Participants will compete by presenting their idea to promote the health and social benefits of nature. 

Winners of the BIC will gain access to the Green4C Summer School. The Summer School is a three-weeks high specialisation course in Green Care taking place in Italy, at the University of Padova. During the School, top European experts will share knowledge and best practices to help students implement their ideas.

The deadline to participate in the BIC is on the 1st of May 2022.

Learn all the details and register here.