Thomas Caulfield

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  • Description

  • Join As: Individual
  • Name: Thomas
  • Surname: Caulfield
  • Main Sector: private
  • Specific Sector: health well-being services and citizen engagement
  • City: Dublin 9
  • Country: Ireland
  • Social: http://Thomas Caulfield (LinkedIn)
  • Description: I am interested in the uforest project for many reasons. The penultimate reason though is because I wouldn't be where I am without green spaces. I originate from central Dublin where green spaces are limited. From a young age I noticed that I was naturally drawn to these spaces, the more disconnected I felt from urban living, the better I felt. This in turn helped me decide my career path, I completed a BSC in Environmental Health which opened my eyes to the use of green spaces and their benefits to human health. As I grow older I see green spaces declining, I hope to help do the opposite.
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