Pablo Orphanidis

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  • Description

  • Join As: Individual
  • Name: Pablo
  • Surname: Orphanidis
  • Main Sector: private
  • Specific Sector: forestry and arboriculture
  • City: Valencia
  • Country: Spain
  • Social:
  • Description: Hello, my name is Pablo Orphanidis and I live in Valencia, Spain. I was born in 2009, which means I belong to the first generation of humans fully affected by global warming. What will our planet look like in 2050? What about 2100? What can a child actually do to fight climate change? It's good to protest and shout in the streets but we need to act. This is why in June 2020, after the lockdown was lifted in Spain, I started planting trees, together with my father, around my home in Valencia. I have planted 35 cypress and pine trees so far and I would like to reach 100 before 2025.
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