Juan M Rubiales Jiménez

is part of the Uforest Alliance connecting individuals and organizations in Uforest activities!

  • Description

  • Join As: Individual
  • Name: Juan M
  • Surname: Rubiales Jiménez
  • Organisation Name: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • Specific Sector: forestry arboriculture and ecology
  • City: Madrid
  • Country: Spain
  • Website: https://blogs.upm.es/jmrubiales/teaching-2/
  • Description: I am an Associate Professor at the Technical University of Madrid, specializing in Botany, Forestry and Arboriculture. I am enthusiastic about joining the Uforest project, given my involvement in teaching Urban Forestry. I view this alliance as a valuable opportunity to connect with individuals and organizations dedicated to sustainable urban ecosystems. Through collaborative efforts and knowledge exchange, my goal is to contribute to innovative approaches that bridge academic insights with practical solutions.
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