Iman Hamdi Aliwikan Utomo

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  • Description

  • Join As: Individual
  • Name: Iman Hamdi Aliwikan
  • Surname: Utomo
  • Organisation Name: IPB University
  • Main Sector: private
  • Specific Sector: forestry and arboriculture
  • City: Bogor
  • Country: Indonesia
  • Description: As a forestry student, I got a highly interest in Urban Forestry. Although my country still has a lot of space for planting the trees, the space is decreasing by the time. To prevent the worse condition, I should learn about how we could use the minimum space to fulfill our needs for the ecosystem services. Joining Uforest Project would be helping my country to face that condition. I could adopt the things that I have learned in here and combine it with my environment circumstances. and also this will give me a chance to implementing what I have learned before as a silviculture student.

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