Increasing Urban Forest Resiliency In a Changing World – Tree Diversity 4 Conference

Events from the AllianceOrganizer: University of Florida et al.
Where: St Petersburg, Florida
Date: 02 – 03 August 2022

The Urban Tree Diversity Conference series works to bring the world’s leading researchers and real-world experts together to discuss how science, practice, policy, and community engagement can be used to expand the palette of trees grown and planted in urban environments. Urban Tree Diversity 4 (UTD4) builds on past successes in Malmö (Sweden), Melbourne (Australia), and Vancouver (Canada) – bringing the event to the United States for the first time through the hosting of a hybrid conference, offering both in-person and online access to attendees, to the Tampa Bay area in, Florida. Slated for summer 2022, UTD4 is a partnership between the University of Florida, the Florida Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture, and the Nature Based Solutions Institute.
The 2022 Conference’s themes are:

  • Selection and improvement of urban trees Ecosystem services and public health benefits of diverse urban forests
  • The role of diversity in pest and storm resilience
  • Methods for assessing diversity given species, age, function, and size
  • Designing and developing planting spaces for a wider range of tree species
  • Barriers, challenges, and feedback loops that limit urban forest diversity
  • Managing urban forests for a diverse urban (human) population
  • Planning, managing, and governing for urban tree diversity through collaborative partnerships

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