Grand Opening of EFI’s Biocities Facility

Events from the AllianceOrganizer: European Forest Institute
Where: Rome. Italy
Date: 20 April 2023

EFI has opened a new facility in Rome on Biocities: a new vision to rethink our urban environment with the transformative power of trees, forests and wood. EFI will address this topic in partnership with other networks, disciplines and actors willing to place nature at the centre of the urban agenda, to create healthy, sustainable and resilient cities as well as sustainable rural-urban interfaces.

We will launch the Biocities work at a special event on 20 April 2023 in Rome, as part of the celebration of EFI’s 30th anniversary year.

The event is divided in three parts:
1) High-level opening (in-person)
2) ThinkForest seminar: “Forests and the cities of the future” 10:30-12:30 CET
Livestream link:
Join our panellists Stefano Boeri (Stefano Boeri Architetti), Rossella Ravagli (Giorgio Armani SPA), Yvonne Lynch (International Green Cities Expert) and Sandra Frank (Co-founder Arvet) as they explore the challenges and opportunities for cities and the role forests can play.
3) Transforming Biocities: “Designing urban spaces inspired by nature” 14:00-17:00 CET.
Livestream link:
What is a Biocity? Explore the latest research on Biocities with experts from the European Forest Institute, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Bern University, Forest Research, University of Tuscia, Barcelona Institute for Global Health, University of Sassari, and the University of Rome-Sapienza.

Moreover, get a preview of the upcoming book “Transforming Biocities” directly from the co-authors.

View the programme and find out more about our speakers here.

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